Adela Mizrachi

Founder - Podcast Brunch Club

Adela is the Founder of Podcast Brunch Club (PBC). PBC is like book club, but for podcasts. It’s a global community of engaged podcast listeners who meet both in person and online to discuss a set of monthly thematic listening selections. You will rarely find Adela without her headphones on as she is constantly in search of episodes for the next PBC listening list.

Matt Saraceni

Head of Content - Omny

Matt Saraceni is the Head of Content for Omny Studio, an award-winning platform designed to seamlessly bring radio from on-air to online. Omny is an Australian company that has powered the audio-on-demand strategy for hundreds of podcast and radio networks across Australia, US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and over 50 more countries. Matt has spoken at Radio Days Europe, RAIN Summit Las Vegas and ABC's OzPod conference. Previously he worked for Nova Entertainment for 8 years on-air and as a producer.

Robert Loewenthal

Founder - Whooshkaa

Robert Loewenthal has over 10 years experience in the radio industry. He is the founder of the Whooshkaa Podcasting Platform and is a Non Executive Director on both the ASX listed Global Traffic Network Ltd and the Media Industry Charity, ‘Unltd’. Robert formerly held the role of Managing Director of Macquarie Radio Network.

Cat Colman

Production Manager - Music Feeds

Cat Colman is the Production Manager at Music Feeds, and also works as a freelance sound engineer. Cat has worked as a sound engineer for almost ten years and has recorded many albums, EP's and singles for local and International music acts. Cat has worked at Music Feeds studio as the studio manager since it opened in 2012, and has produced and engineered many podcasts, music releases, and live performances in the studio. She has worked with notable artist such as Paul Kelly, Birds of Tokyo, Felix Reibl, Boy and Bear, and many more.

Jarrod Pickford

Founder - Podmatcher.com

The Cast Away has proudly partnered with Podmatcher.com for the 2017 Awards. Jarrod Pickford is the founder of Melbourne based start-up Podmatcher.com. His collaborative team are about to launch their new web platform which boasts making funding for podcasters a breeze. Strongly focusing on forming relationships with sponsors using perplexing algorithms  - in turn giving value to the podcast medium.

Sara DaSilva

Writer - Audible Feast

Sara DaSilva, located in Houston, Texas, authors the Audible Feast blog where she has featured reviews of more than 70 shows. Her review rubric includes such categories as host listen-ability and whether a show makes her a better person by listening. She also offers recommendations in various genres and has a master index of all of her reviews with links to all shows. Sara listens to about 50 episodes of all kinds of shows per week!

Josh Butt

Head of Production - MediaCom Beyond Advertising

​Josh Butt is Head of Production of MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA), MediaCom’s specialist content division. A podcasting obsessive and expert, Josh has many years of experience producing radio, TV, commercials and comedy. He is an experienced mentor and nurturer of talent having worked with many directors, writers, producers, journalists and creatives over his 20+ year career, while picking up awards from Festival of Media Global, The One Show, Festival of Media Asia and being a part of a team that won BEFest’s Content Marketing Agency of the Year in 2014.


Dave Lee

Co-Founder - International Podcast Day

Dave has been podcasting since 2008 with Modern Life Network, co-hosting the flagship show - The Waves of Tech - with his father. Dave is also Co-Founder of International Podcast Day celebrated each year on September 30th. Outside of podcasting, he works in the waste management industry and is a passionate and energetic soccer supporter. He lives in Bakersfield, CA USA with his wife Anaya, 4 dogs, and cat. Dave and Anaya love to travel, go wine tasting, attend soccer matches, and spend relaxing weekends at home with their animals.

Gavin Wedell

Founder & CEO - Change Activation

Gavin is an entrepreneur, business educator and the author of the world's most popular change management learning materials, used in over 140 countries by more than 25,000 organisations. As well as being an in-demand  voice-over artist and web series producer, Gavin is the CEO of Change Activation, a company that specialises in creating resources that help organisations build change capability and engage their people during change initiatives.

Jennifer Crafword

Founder - DC Podfest

Jennifer Crawford is the founder and organiser of DC PodFest, the first podcasting conference in the DC area, USA. This intimate conference informs, educates and empowers a diverse group of podcasters to share their unique voice with the world. Jennifer also co-hosts The JellyVision Show Podcast, whose guests inlcude comics, improvisers, musicians, artists and anyone else we find interesting and/or inspirational.

James Cridland

Managing Director - media.info

James is a radio futurologist, Managing Director of media.info, and has worked in radio since 1989 as an award-winning copywriter, presenter, and internet strategist. He is one an organiser of Next Radio, the annual UK radio ideas conference, and is on the committee of RadioDays Europe. He writes for publications including his own media.info, AllAccess, radioinfo.com.au and Radio World International. He has served as a judge for industry awards The Webby Awards, ABC Local Radio Awards and the CBAA Awards, and the UK's Radio Academy Awards.

Josh Liston


Josh is one of the most experienced and dedicated podcasters in Australia, and has been championing the Australian Podcasters Facebook group since 2013, as well as podcasting about music, creativity and culture since before podcasts were cool. Josh is currently working hard to re-launch his most popular podcast ever "On The Bubble". Despite his prolific back catalogue of podcast offerings, Josh is taking one for the team this year, and will be judging instead of submitting podcasts.

Linda Martin

Managing Editor - Indie Travel Podcast

Linda Martin is a self-confessed word geek, Spanish addict and world traveller. She and her husband Craig run the award-winning Indie Travel Podcast and have been travelling full-time since 2006, taking in parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. As well as ITP, Linda also runs a website development business, Performance Foundry.

Craig Martin

Owner & Managing Director - Indie Travel Media

Podcaster and writer Craig Martin has been living on the road since leaving Auckland, New Zealand in February 2006. With a degree in Media Studies and English plus a penchant for Coleridge, he's still travelling. Craig podcasts at the Indie Travel Podcast and is founder and CEO of Performance Foundry.

Sophie Kneebone

Podcast Manager - Omny Studio

Sophie is the Podcast Manager at Omny Studio and has a vast knowledge of the technical ins and outs of podcasting, having helped many brand new shows get off the ground as well as sharing her know-how with established podcasters. She has worked with prominent podcasts and networks such as TOFOP, Mamamia and Em Rusciano to streamline their podcast management, boost listener numbers and get them to the top of the iTunes charts. Sophie also has many years of experience creating content of her own on the Australian comedy circuit.

Corey Layton

Content & Marketing Director -Whooshkaa

Corey Layton has been creating audio, digital, TV and event content for over a decade. Prior to his role as Content & Marketing Director at Whooshkaa, Corey was the Group Ideas Director for content agency, Ensemble, developing integrated concepts for Australia’s biggest brands. He previously led brand integration at Southern Cross Austereo in Sydney and Melbourne, has produced shows for the likes of Hughesy & Kate and Fifi Box and has won awards from Australian Commercial Radio, IAB and Facebook.

Matt Diegan

Founder - Podcasting Love

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Matt Diegan has been hosting and producing podcasts from 2010. He was co-host and producer on the 285 episode long run of the Netflix Queue Podcast, but has also hosted Reaction Podcast, MKR Reaction Podcast, and Diegan Squared. Matt has also been a guest on Pop Quiz Hot Shot and Paralyzed. He is now running Podcasting Love, a blog on the love of podcasting. Outside of the podcast world, Matt is a fan of college football and a Penn State Football supporter.

Kyla Slaven

Producer - ABC Radio National

Kyla Slaven is the producer of the kids podcast, Short & Curly. She has recently worked at First Run, piloting podcasts for the ABC. Right now she is a producer on the Sunday breakfast radio program at ABC RN. Kyla listens to podcasts while walking, running (slowly), catching the bus to work, cooking and cleaning and with her daughter on long car trips. She loves podcasts and can’t wait to hear this year’s award nominees.

Claudia Taranto

Executive Producer - ABC Radio National Features

Claudia Taranto has been producing documentaries for ABC RN for more than 20 years.  She is passionate about capturing and telling the extraordinary stories of everyday life and nurturing younger producers.  She has won two Walkley Awards and other awards locally and internationally and is currently the Executive Producer of Earshot.

Tracy Sheen

Founder - Corporate Podcast Productions

Tracy is the founder of Corporate Podcast Productions and known as the Corporate Comms Futurist. Working with mid to large companies, Tracy helps clients embrace effective permission based comms styles rather than traditional interruption focused messaging through podcasting to engage with their audiences. A podcast developer and host herself, Tracy writes for various industry publications and speaks on Podcasting and the Future of Effective Communications and Messaging in the Connected Workplace. With a corporate career spanning 2 decades Tracy is driven about improving internal businesses communications and connection with customers.

Madeline Joannou

Podcast Lecturer - AFTRS. Promo Producer - ABC

Madeline loves all things audio and has a particular passion for radio. She has been working as an Audio Producer for the last 11 years in commercial radio and currently works at the ABC producing promos and audio content for ABC Radio Sydney. Once the sun has set, she lectures her craft at AFTRS and teaches the fine art of podcasting. In addition to this, Madeline also works for the internationally renowned U.S production company ReelWorld creating custom sound design for their ‘Production Vault’ libraries across several radio formats.

Doyle Buehler

Doyle has an MBA in Leadership, and is the author of the International Best Selling Book on digital strategy and online business leadership: "The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance and Misinformation Online". His book discusses the new disrupting reality of the online industry, and what business leaders can accomplish - through proper development of their digital ecosystem, including strategy, content planning, social media, SEO, website development, sales funnel implementation and marketing automation. He is making waves with his podcast Breaking Digital where he interviews digital influencers from around the world.

Pete Ziebron

Founder - Tennis Acumen

Pete Ziebron is a US-based tennis journalist for Tennis Acumen and host and producer of Replay The Point, a live internet radio broadcast specializing in ATP & WTA tennis coverage.  During the last three years, Pete hosted Passing Shots for the Pro Tennis Radio Network and also appeared as a guest on the Tennis Days Podcast from Sydney. Currently, in addition to hosting Replay the Point twice a week, Pete is a regular live guest on "the world's biggest radio station"  - talkSPORT in London - to talk tennis.  Media Maven Pete has also been a university professor, keynote speaker and has a Masters in Business Administration degree.